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Nikzi Immigration welcomes those who want to immigrate to Canada.

We at Nikzi Immigration know how difficult and confusing the immigration process can be. That’s why we provide comprehensive and trustworthy immigration services to ensure a trouble-free experience for our clients. We are committed to assisting people and families in realizing their goals of immigrating to a new country, and our team of experienced professionals is lead by our founder and CEO, Mr Morteza Jafari.

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Our Vision

Nikzi immigration

Nikzi Immigration’s long-term goal is to earn a reputation as the industry’s go-to immigration service provider thanks to our unwavering commitment to these values.

with helping people achieve their immigration target and giving them the confidence to pursue exciting new experiences in other countries,

we want to make a positive action in their life.

Our Mision

Our mission is to make immigration easier for our clients by finding creative, individualized approaches to their problems.

achieving the highest levels of expertise and friendly behaviour,

To this end, we provide comprehensive immigration services to our customers in an effort to facilitate a trouble-free entry at their final destination.

Nikzi team

CEO and Founder

Morteza Jafari, the company’s founder, is an immigration specialist with years of expertise in the industry.

Morteza founded the firm out of a desire to see people overcome challenges and realize their immigration goals,

based on his extensive knowledge of the difficulties and complexities of the immigration process.

As a result of his guidance and experience, Nikzi Immigration has become a recognized leader in the immigration sector.

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Why Nikzi?

Nikzi Immigration provides a comprehensive set of immigration services to meet the demands of our many customers.

We offer the knowledge and experience in immigration process to help you with your decision, whether it’s for business, school, family reunion, or financial reasons.


First, we provide consultation services for obtaining visas, during which our team of experts will evaluate your qualifications and recommend the best visa choices for your situation.


Second, we help you organize and do all the paperwork instead of you and whatever you’ll need for your immigration application, making sure everything is correct and perfect.


Third, we’ll take care of the application procedure for you, from filling out the forms to following up with immigration officials.

For rejected applications

We provide competent guidance and help through the immigration appeals procedure if your first application is refused.

After Immigration

We provide pre-arrival orientation, housing aid, job search support, and cultural integration counselling as part of our complete settlement services to help you adjust to life in your new country.

If you’re looking for immigration services, why not go with Nikzi Immigration?

Expert employees: we keep informed of changes in immigration laws and policies so that we can advise you with confidence.
Since every client’s demands and objectives are different, we make it a point to customize our services to fit yours.

Honesty: We keep our word throughout the immigration procedure and stick to the greatest ethical standards.
Your happiness as a customer is our number one goal. In every way, we want to go above and beyond your expectations.

Get started with Nikzi Immigration right now by contacting us. Make us your reliable collaborator in making your goals a reality.