Canada Startup Visa

The program’s goal is to introduce creative entrepreneurs to the private sector in Canada.

Canada startup visa

what is Start-Up Visa Program ?

Startup Visa Canada

Canada Startup Visa program enables individuals to move to the country and start or expand a company, as offered by the Canadian government.

A Canadian business incubator, angel investor, or venture capital firm must validate the entrepreneur’s business plan before they would invest in it. The entrepreneur must also demonstrate linguistic fluency and financial stability.

Once selected, the program invites the entrepreneur and his or her team (up to a maximum of five people) to Canada to launch the firm. Canada welcomes business leaders and their families to seek for permanent residence (PR).

The Canadian government established the Canada Startup Visa Program to attract ambitious foreign nationals to establish themselves in Canada, where they may help boost the economy by starting companies and creating employment opportunities for Canadians.

what should i do ?

Steps for Canada Startup Visa

You may be qualified to apply for Canada Startup Visa Program if you are an immigrant entrepreneur with an innovative company concept that has the potential to generate employment in Canada. Here are the measures to take to join the program:

  1. Pitch your business idea to a designated organization and convince it to support your start-up company. When an authorized organization agrees to support your company, they’ll provide you a letter of support (LOS) .

    List of designated organizations – Canada Startup Visa

  2. Meet the criteria for being eligible for the Canada Startup Visa Program, such as having a qualifying business, a letter of support (LOS) from a designated organization, achieving the language requirements, and having sufficient funds to settle in Canada.
  3. Submit the required documents and pay the application costs. Either you or a representative may submit your application online by creating a portal account and corresponding with the government on your behalf.
  4. Documents proving ownership of the company and the availability of finances must be provided.

Please be patient while they review your submission. The government will check that you’ve included everything they need, that you paid the processing costs, and that your application forms are complete once you submit them.

Canada Start Up Visa Requirements

There are four primary criteria that must be completed before a participant is accepted into this Canada startup visa program.

  1. You need to already have a firm that satisfies the standards.
  2. Obtain a letter of support (LOS) from a credible organization, such as a Canadian VC, angel investor group, or business incubator.
  3. Show that you are conversant in English or French by presenting documentation of your language skills.
  4. Make sure You Have Enough Money to Settle in Canada You and your loved ones will need to be self-sufficient once you get there.

It is extremely important to note that there may be funding needs based on the source of your investment. The minimum first investment from a Canadian approved venture capital fund is $200,000. A Canadian angel investor group with a minimum commitment of $75,000 is needed. Working with a business incubator, though, may allow you to avoid the finance phase completely.

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Canada Start Up Visa FAQ

The Canadian government’s website states that the minimum investment for Canada Start up Visa  varies by investor type. Organizations that qualify

as “angel investors” are the other sort of financial backers. There is no lowest acceptable investment amount for eligible groups. There is a CAD 75,000 threshold for investments made by angel investor groups.

It’s worth noting that the government of Canada specifies that the investment must come from a recognized organization or angel investor group. The investor must also show they will have enough money to maintain themselves and their families in Canada. They must also have a legitimate business and demonstrate language proficiency.

To sum up, the minimum contribution of an angel investor group in Canada is CAD 75,000. Donations to eligible groups are welcome at any amount. Investors must show they can support themselves and their families, pass a language exam, and operate a firm that meets specific criteria before they may invest.

The processing time for the Canada Startup Visa program can be divided into two stages:

The business stage and the immigration stage.

During the business stage, the entrepreneur must pitch their business idea to a designated organization and secure a commitment certificate letter of support (LOS), which can take about 4-6 months.

Once the entrepreneur receives a letter of support, they can submit their application for permanent residence, which can take approximately 18 months to even more than 32 months to finalize from application to visa issuance. However, the overall processing time can vary depending on the accuracy of the application and whether all required documents are included.

Canada’s immigration program (the Canada Startup visa), targets young business owners with global competitiveness and the ability to generate local employment. To move to Canada, international entrepreneurs may use this program to launch a company with the help of recognized organizations. Angel networks, VC firms, and startup incubators are all examples of the former.

Start-up Visa Program candidates must fulfill language standards, have enough funds to settle and live in Canada before generating money from their firm, and have a qualified business among other conditions.

In 2023, the Canadian government will allow overseas entrepreneurs to come to the country to launch their company with the help of the Start up Visa Program again. Variable expenses (CAD 165,730 to $300,000+) are associated with the program. Applicants with a viable start-up company proposal may obtain a commitment certificate or letter of support from a specified organization in 4-6 months. After that, they submit their application for permanent residency; the visa-issuing process typically takes about 18 months and even more.

In essence, Canada Startup Visa Program for 2023 is an immigration initiative aimed at luring ingenious business people with the potential to grow the Canadian economy and make the country more globally competitive. Costs associated with participating in the program vary according to the kind of firm that will be started in Canada by the immigrant entrepreneur.

You can get a job in Canada using a Start-up Visa. Entrepreneurs from across the globe may come to Canada under the Start-up Visa program if they launch a company that will either employ Canadians or contributes to the country’s innovative capacity.

If you match the criteria, the Canadian government will grant you a work visa under the country’s Start-up Visa program so that you may settle down and launch your firm there.

Among them include having a legitimate company, a letter of recommendation from a recognized group, evidence of fluency in English or French, and the financial resources to establish residency in Canada before the firm begins to turn a profit. In addition, you need to be able to enter Canada legally.

It’s worth noting that the Canada startup visa might cost far over $300,000, based on how specific you are, which is why it’s critical to have access to funding for your new company in Canada. Remember to think about this in consideration of the program’s requirements. Have the necessary resources and meet the qualifying conditions. The Start-up Visa program allows entrepreneurs to grow businesses in Canada while working legally.

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Entrepreneurs qualified for Canada’s Start-up Visa program and have the financial means to launch and grow their firm in Canada may find the program worthwhile. In the previous five months, 250 immigrants have been accepted into the program, and in 2022, the program expects to accept 600 new permanent residents, a tremendous amount since its inception in 2013.

All four of these conditions and Canada’s admissibility standards must be met before you can apply for the Start-up Visa Program. Meeting the language criteria and producing confirmation of appropriate settlement monies are also necessary, besides having a qualified company and a letter of support from a certified organization.

Depending on the circumstances, the price tag for Canada Startup Visa program might rise to $300,000+.

If you’re a Canadian entrepreneur looking to invest in your firm, this program is for someone else.

The program may be worthwhile for entrepreneurs qualified for the Canadian Start-up Visa program and have access to adequate funds for investment in their Canadian company endeavor.

The minimum investment necessary to get Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) via investment varies per immigration path. To be involved in a federal program with a minimum investment of CAD 150,000 to CAD 800,000 is required. The Canadian government, is being loaned a total of CAD 1,200,000 (about USD 945,000).

However, the required minimum investment in a Canadian business is CAD 200,000. However, investment requirements can vary widely between provinces. Alberta, for instance, has a PR path for seasoned farmers willing to spend at least CAD 500,000.

Investing in Canada in exchange for permanent residency demands more than money; you’ll also need to fulfill language, education, and job experience requirements. Bringing money into Canada also requires adhering to the country’s immigration rules. Anyone entering Canada with more than CAD$10,000 in currency must report it.

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To qualify for Canada Start up Visa Program, you must prove proficiency in English or French. Applicants must show they have achieved Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in hearing, reading, writing, and speaking.

A CLB 5 speaker can follow most of the discussion about things they know, read and comprehend introductory texts when they know something, and compose simple messages about things they know. To prove their fluency in the target language, applicants must submit the results of an external language exam.

The application package must contain the results of a language test administered by a recognized organization. To be eligible for Canada Startup Visa Program, candidates must fulfill the language requirement and meet the conditions for having a qualified company and a letter of support from a recognized organization.

Only some people who move to Canada have the language skills necessary to launch a successful company. Successful businesses understand the need for open lines of communication with their clients, vendors, and staff. Even if an applicant’s level of English fulfills the minimal Start-up Visa Program standards, furthering their language abilities is encouraged to maximize their chances of success in Canada’s business climate.

Launching a company in Canada is feasible without Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). Foreign investors may enter the Canadian labor market and economy differently. such as :

  1. Canada’s Start-up Visa Program aims to attract creative international entrepreneurs to set up businesses and generate new jobs for Canadians. You need a qualified company, a letter of support from an approved group, and to fulfill language criteria to participate in this program.
  2. enterprise Investor Visa: This program is for high-net-worth people who can invest at least CAD 1.2 million in a qualified Canadian enterprise. An applicant’s investment must either generate new jobs for Canadians or secure the continuation of existing ones.
  3. In third place, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows foreign investors who meet specific criteria to apply for a work visa as management-level employees. With this plan, foreign investors can work in Canada or acquire an existing company.
  4. An open work visa may be applied for by an international investor with a Canadian business partner who is ready to participate in the venture. They will, however, be classified as “foreign investors” and denied the right to apply for PR.

To recap, the Start-up Visa Program, the Business Investor Visa, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and the Open Work Permit with a Canadian partner allow foreign investors to launch businesses in Canada without a permanent residence.


There are several restrictions on the ability of international students to launch a company in Canada.

One must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada to lawfully establish a company there. The Canadian government, however, has a program called the Startup Visa Program that is tailored to high-potential, innovative international students or recent graduates from Canadian universities who have a novel idea for a business that could create jobs and compete internationally.

Graduates and students from abroad who have the support of an approved angel investor group, venture capital fund or company incubator are eligible to apply for a startup visa under this program.

Also, students from foreign countries who want to start businesses in Canada can get help from the Canadian government too.

Multiple advantages make Canada an excellent location for starting a company. When compared with other essential startup cities like Silicon Valley, New York and Boston, Canada’s expenses for R&D are far lower, and the government offers refunds on R&D investments.

Second, Canada has excellent educational institutions from coast to coast, and its workforce is highly educated and literate. Recruiters from tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook are regulars at the University of Waterloo of Canada.

Entrepreneurs may benefit from Canada’s economic independence, inexpensive startup costs, decent government financing, outstanding talent, and proximity to the US market. In addition, via their Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), certain provinces have lowered the barrier to entry for would-be company owners to launch, acquire, or invest in a venture.

Finally, Canada is an ideal destination to launch a startup because of its cheap R&D expenditures, highly educated workforce, top-tier educational institutions, proximity to the US market, generous government financing, and welcoming immigration policies for business owners.

Yes, startups do hire international students.

Hiring international interns and trainees brings startups a diverse talent pool and perspectives. However, international students need employment-based sponsorship to continue working after their CPT or OPT authorization expires. Startups need to be aware of the federal laws governing the employment of non-citizens in Canada. Still, many employers do hire international students. To secure OPT work authorization, To begin the OPT application process, students from another country must first submit a request for a recommendation from an international adviser at the student’s international services office. Then, submit their completed OPT application, supporting documentation, and the required fee to the USCIS.

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Entrepreneurs’ chances of having a pleasant experience with the Canada Startup Visa Program might be improved via consultation with an immigration firm.

Here is what we will do for you :

  1. Nikzi will first evaluate the entrepreneur’s qualifications for the Canada Startup Visa Program based on factors such as the viability of the company concept
  2. The entrepreneur’s ability to communicate in English, and the entrepreneur’s financial stability.
  3. We will help you find a Canadian institution like an incubator, angel investor, or VC firm that will back your company concept and provide you the Letter of support (LOS) you need to enter the country.
  4. We will evaluate the business plan submitted by the entrepreneur and provide suggestions for making it more in line with the guidelines set out by the designated program.
  5. Application Preparation: Assist in compiling the necessary application materials, such as legal registration paperwork, financial records, and language examinations. Business owners may rely on Nikzi to submit their application materials and keep track of their submission progress.
  6. If the application is approved, we will assist the entrepreneur in obtaining their work permit and help them prepare for their arrival in Canada.
  7. After a company has been established in Canada with Nikzi’s help, the next step is to apply for permanent residence in the country.

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Nikzi Immigration Company is here to assist new company owners in obtaining a Canada Startup Visa and getting their venture off the ground.

Our experienced advisors have experience in all aspects of the program and will be there to help you every step of the way.

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